School Management

Yinghua Academy is a charter public school licensed by the State of Minnesota. A charter school is an independent public school governed by a Board of Directors. It adheres to the same Minnesota Department of Education standards (at minimum) as traditional public schools.

2022-2023 Annual Report

2022-2023 WBWF Report

The Yinghua Academy Board consists of up to 13 members who are elected to three-year terms by the parents and staff of the school. See Board member roster and professional summaries here to learn more about the current board members. The primary responsibilities of the Board are:

  • to develop the vision and mission of the school
  • to select, support and evaluate a chief executive
  • to ensure effective planning
  • to set policy that will ensure the school’s ongoing viability, and
  • to oversee the monthly and long-term financial management of the school.

The School Administration consists of the Executive Director and the Academic Directors. See School Administrators here. The primary responsibility of the Executive Director is to lead and direct the implementation of the mission and policy across the school. The Executive Director reports directly to the Board.  All other school employees report to the Executive Director.

Friends of Education is the authorizer organization of Yinghua Academy. Charter schools must have an authorizer. Charter school authorizers do not manage or operate the schools, but are responsible for monitoring the Board’s oversight of the school. Friends can be contacted at:

Friends of Education
11100 Wayzata Boulevard, Suite 800, Minnetonka, MN 55305

The financial status of Yinghua Academy is strong. Yinghua has received the State of Minnesota School Finance Award every fiscal year in which it was eligible (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014). It received a federal financial audit without qualifications in fiscal years 2010, 2011,  2012,  2013, and 2014.  Yinghua carries a fund balance of around 20%, which is our authorizer’s target goal for its schools.

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Annual Report

All charter schools in Minnesota are required to submit annual reports to the Minnesota Department of Education in the fall following the close of each school year. The current Annual Report is listed first:

2022-2023 Annual Report

2022-2023 WBWF Report

2021-2022 Annual Report

2021-2022 WBWF Report

2020-2021 Annual Report

2020-2021 WBWF Report

2019-2020 Annual Report

2019-2020 WBWF Report

Yinghua Annual Report 2018-19

18-19 WBWF Report

Yinghua Annual Report Supplement 2018-19

Addenda to 18-19 Report (Professional Development)

Yinghua Annual Report 2017-18

World’s Best Workforce Summary 2017-18

17-18 WBWF Report

Yinghua Annual Report Supplement 2017-18

Yinghua Annual Report 2016-17

World’s Best Workforce Summary 2016-17

Yinghua Annual Report 2015-16 & World’s Best Workforce Report

Yinghua Annual Report 2014-15 (dated 10/1/15)

2015 Annual Report Letter from Karen Lu and Susan Berg

Yinghua Annual Report 2013-14 (dated 10/1/14)

Yinghua Annual Report 2012-13 (dated 10/1/13)

Yinghua Annual Report 2011-12 (dated 10/1/12)

Yinghua Annual Report 2010-11 (Dated 10/1/11)

Worlds Best Work Force Summary 2015

World’s Best Work Force Report 2015 FINAL

World’s Best Work Force Report 2014

Revenue and Expenditure Budget
The Revenue and Expenditure Budget Form is required by the State of Minnesota Department of Education for Independent School District #4140 (Yinghua Academy).  The current report is listed first:

FY13 Revenue and Expenditures Report

FY12 Revenue and Expenditures Report

District Revenues and Expenditures Budget for 2010-2011

Audit Statement
The Board of Yinghua Academy engages the services of Kern DeWenter Viere (KDV) to conduct an annual audit of our finances. All charter schools in Minnesota are required to undergo an annual financial audit by an outside auditor. KDV does the audits for many charter schools. There are two parts:

Fiscal Year 2014

Audit Management Letter Oct 2014

FY 14 Financial Statements

Fiscal Year 2013

Audit Management Letter Oct 2013

FY 13 Financial Statements

Fiscal Year 2012

Audit Management Letter Oct 2012

FY 12 Financial Statements

Fiscal Year 2011

Audit Management Letter Oct 2011

FY 11 Financial Statements

Fiscal Year 2010

FY 2010 Management Letter

FY 2010 Audited Financial Statement

990 Forms: Public Disclosure Copies

YA990 Public Disclosure Copy 6.30.13

YA990 Public Disclosure Copy 6.30.12

Tech Plan 2013-15