MS Chinese Trip

A fitting capstone to the Yinghua immersion experience is a two-week study tour experience to a Mandarin speaking country for 7th and 8th graders. Students jointly plan and complete a focused project during their time abroad. The details of the trip change each year based on many factors.

Trip Objectives

  1. Be a traveler, not a tourist
  2. Learn about the culture
  3. Immerse yourself in language and culture
  4. Use the Chinese language in practical application
  5. Make friends

For those participating in this summer’s trip, please visit the 2024 Taiwan Trip page (link opens in a new tab).

FAQ from Parents

What does the trip cost?

The cost to families is approximately $5,000. This includes airfare, food, transportation, lodging, chaperones, local tour guides, museum admittance, etc. Spending money is not included.

Where does the trip go?

It is not the same trip every year! The itinerary generally rotates – one year northern China, one year southern China or Taiwan.

What is the adult to student ratio?

One Yinghua instructor per ten students (1:10 ratio).

Where do students stay?

We usually use hotels but also try to plan homestays for a few nights with families of a sister school.

May I serve as one of the trip chaperones?

No. This is a full immersion educational trip led by instructors. We make occasional exceptions, so if your child has a medical condition or if you speak Mandarin, contact Dr. Lien to discuss further.

Who is eligible to go?

Students are eligible to apply for the trip during their 7th or 8th grade year. Each student must submit an electronic application with a deposit by the deadline (look for an announcement in early winter).

How many students can go on the trip?

We need a minimum of 10 students and a maximum of 30 students for the trip. For years in which more than 30 students apply, we will consider adding additional groups or trips.