Middle School (5th-8th)


“A person must first manage one’s self in good spirit, then contribute to family, community, nation, and the world.”

The philosophy of the Yinghua Academy Middle School is based on this ancient Chinese proverb from Confucian philosophy. The curriculum and instructional practices provide rigorous academics which prepare students for Advanced Placement coursework in any high school, combined with a greater sense of becoming a global citizen.

Middle School students continue content-based Chinese instruction while preparing for a more traditional, English-speaking high school through a 50% Chinese, 50% English immersion environment. The Chinese portion is delivered through an intensive Chinese Language Arts, Culture and Literature course, Music, some Social Studies, and most Math classes conducted in Chinese.

Curriculum Standards

The middle school curriculum follows the following standards:

Highlights Of The Middle School Program

Pre-Advanced Placement coursework

  • English literature and composition
  • Chinese language and culture
  • World History, Biology beginning in the seventh grade
  • Chemistry beginning in the eighth grade

Singapore Math coursework including at least algebra by 8th grade

Expanded specialist programming

  • Music and art
  • Health/wellness and physical education
  • Various service-learning projects

Enrichment opportunities during and after the school day through student life

  • Student council, yearbook, school newspaper, other leadership opportunities
  • Special-interest and academic clubs
  • Yinghua Orchestra
  • Yinghua Dragons sports teams

Sister-school relationship with a middle school in Inner Mongolia, China. Yinghua students regularly connect with peers in China by email, video-conferencing, and through other technology to communicate, collaborate on academic projects, and develop authentic social language.

Eighth grade capstone opportunity to travel to China, with stops in Beijing and at the sister school to meet Chinese friends.


Yinghua Curriculum – Includes detailed curriculum maps by grade