Health Services

The Health Office is open each school day during school hours. The goal of the Health Office is to provide support that promotes student achievement and academic success by providing health care that keeps students in the classroom, ready to learn.

Please feel free to contact Health Office staff Ginger Hao, Ying-Ju Chiu, Gloria Low or Adele Schultz by email or phone: 612-788-9095. See below for their biographies.

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Health Office Staff:

Ginger Hao, RN, BAN, MA, PHN, Licensed School Nurse: A nurse for more than 22 years, Ginger Hao serves as serves as the school’s Covid-19 Coordinator and has worked as a school nurse consultant at Yinghua Academy since 2013; she is also a mother of three. Ginger creates and evaluates student health plans, provides health assessments, and supervises all health office policies and procedures. Ginger is in the office on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and by appointment. She is fluent in Chinese and English and loves working at Yinghua.

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