Yinghua Curriculum

2023 Curriculum Nights

All presentations and curriculum maps from the Lower School and Middle School Curriculum Nights, held in September 2023, can be viewed online. Please use the Google Drive folders linked below to find documents for each grade.


2023 Spring What’s the Scoop Events:

For current 4th grade families:

For current 1st grade families:


Quick Overview of Language By Grade

  • K- 1st grades – Full immersion in Mandarin Chinese in core subject areas of Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts (specialists such as Art, Gym, Music may teach in English)
  • 2nd – 4th grades – Full immersion in Mandarin Chinese in core subject areas plus six class periods per week (approx. 300 minutes/week) in English Language Arts
  • 5th – 8th grades: approximately 50% English/50% Chinese among all subject areas in the course of a week. Chinese classes include Math (leveled), Chinese Language Arts, Chinese Conversation, Social Studies, Music, Orchestra. English classes include Math (leveled), Science, Social Studies, English Language Arts, Art, Physical Education

Our Curriculum

The school’s Executive Director, Dr. Luyi Lien, leads the Curriculum Development Department, ensuring that the content delivered in Mandarin covers all Minnesota State Standards and all components of the Core Knowledge Sequence, building both knowledge and Mandarin fluency from year to year. We have a select set of Curriculum Partners, who are leading experts nationally and internationally, and who work with us to maintain the highest standards and continually incorporate the latest research.

Our curriculum consists of:

It is this internally-created program that has given Yinghua’s students such a high level of Mandarin fluency and knowledge, and has captured national attention along the way. Both Yinghua Academy administrators and teachers are regularly invited to present at national conferences, such as ACTFL, NCLC, CAIS, and STARTALK. In 2007, the State of Minnesota awarded us a World Language grant for $100,000 to support the development of the Elementary School Program. And in 2008, the US Government awarded an $811,265 Foreign Language Assistance Program (FLAP) grant to support the development of the Middle School Program.