The mission of Yinghua Academy’s library is to support learning, encourage reading in English and Chinese, and teach students to successfully use library resources.

  • Students in grades K-1 are scheduled for a weekly 20-minute library visit. Grades 2-5 visit once a week during one of their English Language Arts classes. During a session, students may participate in a library skills lesson, read books, and/or check out books. Students in grades 6-8 may use the library during the activity or homeroom homework lab period.
  • Books may be checked out for a one-week loan and renewed up to two times (if not requested by another student).
  • Students with overdue library books will have their borrowing privileges suspended until the overdue materials are returned. Books may be returned during your student’s library session, or at any time to the library return drop box, located outside the library. Please remind your child to return materials on time.
  • Library staff and classroom teachers make every effort to help students choose materials that are appropriate for their reading level and interests.
  • Students are allowed to check out 2 books per session: one English and one Chinese.
  • Books are considered overdue if not returned or renewed after 3 weeks.
  • A replacement fee will be charged for lost or damaged items, and the minimum fee is $10! A book is damaged if it is returned in a condition that makes it unusable. A lost book is six weeks overdue. Overdue notices explaining the replacement fee procedure will be sent home prior to the end of each term. 

NOTE:  All library fees must be paid in full in order to receive report cards!

Acceptable use of the library:  When students use the library, they must follow library rules that foster a safe and productive learning environment, such as being quiet, no mistreating books, no running, etc. If the rules are broken, students will receive a verbal warning and asked to change their behavior. If the misbehavior continues then students will be given logical consequences, such as not being allowed to check out books.  Parents will be notified about the behavior and the consequences.

Our library needs parent volunteers–particularly as we continue to implement the Accelerated Reader program! Sign up to volunteer in the library.

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