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The following linked documents offer bus route and procedure information. Contact Joe Scartozzi with bus questions and concerns.

Yinghua School Bus Facts

  1. At the start of the school year, we assume that all students who signed up for the bus will ride the bus home starting on the first day of school! If your child will not ride the bus home, change your Silent Dismissal settings to let us know. 
  2. How do I know if I’m registered? If you registered to ride the school bus, bus is one of your dismissal options in Silent Dismissal. For more information please visit our Silent Dismissal page. Contact ruthie.stein@yinghuaacademy.org for assistance with Silent Dismissal.
  3. Yinghua partners with bus company MTN to offer nine school bus routes.
  4. For safety during the earliest part of the pandemic, bus capacity was limited to 50% with students in assigned seats; one student per bench; alternating rows; siblings sitting together. During the pandemic, the bus fills from back to front, according to the order of the stops along the route. Drivers have PPE and clean buses at least three times per day with non-acidic, EPA-approved disinfecting spray and microfiber towels with attention to high-touch surfaces between and each night the bus interior is thoroughly cleaned. If weather permits, the bus windows are opened by the driver before the route begins, and students are not to touch the windows. MTN Vehicle Cleaning
  5. Check YA BUS ROUTES 2021-22, for routes, stops, and schedules.
  6. Schedules and routes are the same each day. If the school is using a hybrid model with group A and group B days, the bus routes, stops, and schedules are the same on each day of the week regardless of whether it’s a group A or B day.
  7. Bus riders receive a bus tag on the first day of school. Teachers will help younger students attach the bus tag to the backpack on the first day of school.
  8. The bus tag goes on the backpack. The tag includes student name, homeroom teacher, bus route, bus stop, a QR code for attendance, and whether you gave permission for the driver to leave your child at the stop if you are not there to meet the bus.
  9. Kindergartners and sibling groups that include a kindergartner must have a parent at the bus stop in order to be let off the bus at the stop. If a parent is not at the stop, students will remain on the bus and will be brought back to school.

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