Classroom Coordinators


Classroom Coordinator is to support and encourage your teacher, be supportive of your class’s needs during special events, build unity, and cultivate an environment where families can connect with each other and Yinghua Academy through opportunities to volunteer and attend fun events.

Yinghua’s YACA-appointed Classroom Coordinator Liaisons (Erica Drake & Shel House) are available to answer questions and give you more information if your are interested in being CC.  E-mail


NOTE: Parents’ questions or concerns about their children’s learning needs should be directed to the teacher or to school leaders. The Executive Director, Academic Director and Dean of Students welcome correspondence with Yinghua parents.



Thank you for volunteering to be a Classroom Coordinator for your child’s class this year! We are very excited to have you help out in this capacity. This is a very special and important service to the school. It will be fun, exciting and challenging!

Classroom Coordinator Meetings – We will meet occasionally for training, guidance, problem-solving, support and to get to know each other. Your Classroom Coordinator Liaison will contact you via email to invite you to meetings–not too many, we promise!

Remaining Training Sessions:

  • December – Chinese New Year
  • May – Field Day Training and a CC Thank You Celebration