Classroom Coordinators


Classroom Coordinators build community among our Yinghua families in a variety of ways:

– Provide a link between classroom parents and the classroom teacher. Assist with volunteer opportunities available through YACA both in the classroom and school wide.

– Communicate with parents. This is a vital part of this position. It’s likely most communication will be done through e-mail, although some phone calling may be required. An outgoing spirit is required.

– Possess a willingness to work across linguistic and cultural differences to ensure that the true needs and requests of the classroom teacher are met. Coordinators should work well with a variety of personalities to ensure the overall success of the Classroom Coordinator program. Understanding boundaries, respecting different points of view and being mindful of cultural differences are key to a successful and productive year.

– Assist with volunteer opportunities available through YACA both in the classroom and school wide.


YACA may have various requests for help from the Classroom Coordinators throughout the year. Possible examples include assisting with YACA-sponsored social events—like morning coffee for parents after drop-off—as time permits. The Classroom Coordinators may also be asked to distribute materials and messages as needed  for YACA fundraisers like the Chinook Book and Red Envelope Campaign.


Yes, in a way. Classroom Coordinators will report to the Coordinator Liaison, who report to YACA.


– Work with the classroom teacher to fill specific needs throughout the year as requested, such as procuring classroom supplies or coordinating snacks.

– Recruit Field Trip volunteers. If requested, work with the classroom teacher to identify field trip opportunities and/or venues.

– Organize family-oriented social events during the year. Our goal is to build a feeling of community among the classroom families. These events should be easy, inexpensive and inviting for all. The Classroom Coordinators and the Coordinator Liaison will brainstorm together and share ideas with each other.

-Coordinate with the classroom teacher to help plan an end-of-the-year classroom party.


Coordinators will be asked to attend one orientation meeting in the Fall. We estimate this position will take 2-5 hours per month.  Classroom Coordinators work in pairs to easy any burden.


The Coordinator Liaison, Sarah Dvorak, is available to discuss questions or comments about the Classroom Coordinator Program.  E-mail Sarah Dvorak.

Please note: The Classroom Coordinator position does not replace trained staff regarding the specific needs of each child. This position is not intended to handle grievances from parents. Parents should be referred to the Director if they have concerns about the classroom.