Sister Schools

With support from the Foreign Language Assistance Program of the U.S. Department of Education and the Confucius Institute of Minnesota, in 2009 Yinghua Academy forged a sister-school relationship with the Primary School Attached to Inner Mongolia Agriculture University and the Number 8 Middle School in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia.

The purpose of these sister-school relationships is to build peer relationships and enhance the cultural experiences for our students and teachers. In particular, middle school students and teachers at Yinghua Academy and at Middle School Number 8 in Hohhot experience authentic social and academic communication through use of technology such as email and Skype to promote communication and correspondence between students on a weekly basis on both social topics and academic projects.

In 2010/11 academic year, middle school students from Yinghua and Middle School Number 8 will begin a podcast and video exchange on academic curricula. Similarly, Yinghua teachers will communicate on academic and curricula issues with their peers in China.

Beginning in 2012, the 8th grade capstone project for Yinghua Academy involves a student study-abroad experience in China where students will travel to Beijing and Hohhot, and experience a home stay in Inner Mongolia with sister school academic presentations and personal interaction with middle school peers.

Classroom in Yinghua Academy’s elementary sister-school Nongda Fuxiao, the Primary School Attached to Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia.

Group photo of elementary sister-school staff with the Yinghua Academy delegation, pictured in the Primary School courtyard.

Hohhot #8 Middle School student delegates welcoming Yinghua administrators

Number 8 Middle School administrators officially welcome Yinghua’s delegation to Inner Mongolia, including the Executive Director of the Confucius Institute of the University of Minnesota, Joan Bryzezinski; Assistant Director of the Confucius Institute, Wang Yu; and Jane Plihal of the University of Minnesota.