Yinghua Overview

Our Philosophy

Yinghua (英華) stands for English – Chinese. We offer students of all backgrounds and abilities a bilingual, bi-cultural, and bi-literate English (American) and Chinese educational experience. Prior knowledge of Chinese is not required for students at Yinghua Academy. We combine the best practices in educational research from the United States and China, bringing a safe, rigorous, and happy learning opportunity to all children in accordance with equal opportunity and non-discrimination policies. Immersion education has been proven through research to be effective for all learners, including students with many special education needs, socioeconomic challenges, gifted-talented students, and non-native English speakers (of any language).

We believe in the importance of preparing all children to be global citizens. Through Chinese language learning, rigorous academics, and service-learning during their formative years (K-8), our students acquire the skills to enroll in Advanced Placement coursework in high school and develop knowledge and skills to make future contributions to their world.

The Yinghua curriculum is designed to unfold over the nine-year period from kindergarten through eighth grade.

Our Values

Safety 安全:
The Yinghua Community values a “heart-safe” (emotionally safe) and “body-safe” (physically safe) environment at school.

Speak Chinese 说中文:
That all students achieve literacy and oral proficiency in Mandarin Chinese, and speak, read and write Chinese as much as possible.

Learning 学习:
The Yinghua Community values academic challenge and high levels of achievement in all subjects, as well as the learning that happens outside of the classroom, and honors the particular gifts of individual students.

Happiness 快乐:
The Yinghua Community values skills that contribute to long-term resilience, contentment, and positive engagement in school and in life.

Global Citizenship 世界公民:
The Yinghua Community values a respectful environment which builds concern about the good of others, grows consciousness of the public good, and nurtures citizens for a global society.

Our Goals

The goals of Yinghua Academy are to help our students:

  • Do well in all academic subjects, including English Language Arts;
  • Perform well on state-mandated standardized tests administered in English;
  • Be able to speak, read, and write in Mandarin Chinese and English appropriate to age level and instruction model;
  • Acquire an acute cultural understanding of China and other countries of the world for more effective participation as global citizens; and
  • Develop empathy and respect for others in the school and global community.

Additional Resources

Curriculum Overview

School Management

World Readiness Standards for Learning Languages from ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages)