Volunteer Opportunities


YACA supports Yinghua volunteers. The school’s Volunteer Coordinator is a volunteer and serves on the YACA board. YACA pays the $20 fee for the background check which must be completed by a parent or guardian volunteer prior to volunteering at the school. The background check should be completed every five years. Submit your background check form to backgroundcheck@yinghuaacademy.org; the school’s Business Manager will process your form, and the Volunteer Coordinator or a member of staff will confirm its processing with you.

We welcome your participation in a number of roles such as field trip chaperones, lunch helpers, library helpers, book fair set-up/tear down, donating meals and snacks for teachers on special occasions, and washing clothes and organizing our Used Uniform Sales. Yinghua asks each parent and guardian to donate 4 volunteer hours per year.

Contact the Volunteer Coordinator with questions and to learn more: yaca-volunteer@yinghuaacademy.org.

Volunteering is a great way for you to make a difference in your child’s school. Volunteering is a give-and-gain experience: Center for School Change: 50 Ways to Give, Gain from Volunteering with Schools.

Volunteers submit a background check every five years. YACA covers the $20 fee for this process for volunteers who are parents or legal guardians of currently-enrolled Yinghua students and others (such as grandparents) on a case-by-case basis.