Allergy Management

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Yinghua Academy is an “Allergen-Aware” community, which means that we recognize the risk for life-threatening allergic reaction in some of our students if they are exposed to allergens, such as peanuts, tree nuts, seafood, or bee stings. Staff members are trained annually on identifying signs of a possible allergic reaction and are made aware of which students have diagnosed allergies. Please help us by reminding your child that sharing food at school is not allowed. Also, all students, staff, and parents, K-8th grade, may not bring any nut or peanut products to the school at any time. Please remember this when sending lunches, snacks, or birthday treats. There are a variety of sunflower butters that make a great peanut butter alternative (Nutella contains nuts, so please do not use at school). In addition, Birthday treats must be store-bought and list all ingredients. Bringing nonfood items, such as stickers or party favors, is also a great birthday alternative that all students can enjoy.

Notice for Students with Severe Allergies: If your child has a life-threatening allergy, it is critical that you continue to educate him or her about possible risks and how to avoid allergen exposure. Also, please make sure to contact the Health Office so we can plan for his or her safety. We will no longer have a specific “allergy table” for students to sit at, since most students with allergies choose to sit with their peers. However, we will require all kindergarten and first grade students with life-threatening allergies to sit at the same location of their class’s table each lunch period for closer monitoring by their teachers. If your child is in 2nd grade or higher, but you would still like him or her to sit at a fixed location in order to be monitored more closely, please let the Health Office and classroom teacher know.

Self-carry: You may also choose to have your child self-carry an Epi-pen or keep it in the Health Office. However, if your child plans to self-carry, it is important that you indicate this on the required Medication Form and notify the Health Office so that the appropriate staff members are aware.

Sports and After-School Events: If your child with severe allergies will be participating in after- school sports or events, make sure to notify the Health Office so that a plan can be made and staff/coaches are informed.

School Lunch: Taher, our school lunch provider, does not include peanuts or nuts in any of our school lunches, but they do prepare meals with peanuts/nuts for other clients within their facility. Please take this into account when deciding whether your child will participate in school sponsored lunch or will bring lunch from home.

Busing: If your child with severe allergies will be riding the bus to/from school, please notify the Health Office so we can develop a plan to give to the bus company.

Treats in the Classroom: For students with food allergies, please bring in a few treats labeled with the student’s name to be kept in the classroom. These will be used during class celebrations to avoid possible exposure to allergens that may be present in treats brought in by other students.

Aftercare snacks/Sports concessions/Golden Ticket treats: Please be aware that all these items should be peanut/nut free, but packaging for some candy or snacks may indicate that the item has been processed at a facility that also processes nuts. If your child can not eat these snacks, please alert the Health Office and/or provide alternative snacks as needed.

Required Documentation: Each child with severe allergies must have a confidential Emergency Care Plan that is developed in collaboration with the school nurse and distributed to the necessary staff members, along with a signed Medication Authorization Form for any emergency medications that need to be kept at The School (see links below). Please contact the Health Office for more detailed information regarding Yinghua’s management of students with severe allergies.

Medication Form

Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan

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