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Yinghua Alums and TandemPlus

On Thursday afternoons, Yinghua alumni and other Chinese immersion grads join U of M Chinese-speaking international students to practice their conversational skills through the U of M TandemPlus program. Discussion is in Mandarin Chinese and in English. Minnesota Public Radio

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Snow Day Lunch Procedure

CKC Good Food, our school lunch provider, follows a procedure called “Shift Day” in the event of bad weather and an unexpected no-school day. If Yinghua has a snow day, the cancelled day’s menu shifts to the following day. Families who placed

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Options on Yinghua No-School Days

See the calendar for a reminder of which days are Yinghua no-school days. If you need childcare on Yinghua’s school release days, Revolutionary Sports, Fiber Works MPLS, and Articultureare options. See

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