Deep community pain

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Dear Yinghua families:

We write today and add to the voices raised by citizens and communities across our cities, country, and world who have responded to the senseless murder of George Floyd. Likely you have read many letters about the recent, horrific instance of Minneapolis police brutality against Black men. Last week and this week, in addition to wrapping up an already challenging school year due to the pandemic, we have corresponded daily with the dozens of you who reached out to share stories of deep community pain and actions taken. You’ve joined community watch groups, participated in supply drives, and cleaned up streets and sidewalks. You’ve made signs and cried out at the protests to demand change and begin the dismantling of 400 years of entrenched racism in our nation.

Systemic racism is deeply entrenched in the fabric of American society and racial disparities are more pronounced in Minnesota than elsewhere. Indeed, Minnesota has one of the worst education achievement gaps in the country. In addition to having a strong commitment to academic excellence for all learners, Yinghua commits to being a nurturing and supportive school environment where students and teachers are physically safe, character education is integrated into all aspects of learning, and well-being, respect, and conflict resolution are emphasized.

We know that racism and discrimination affect our youth and families. If you are hurting and need help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for conversation about these challenging times or to help us build resources to fight against racism. Conversations about race, equity, and social justice are important for us to engage in at school and at home, and you may find good resources in this article from the New York Times.

Today is an important day for Minneapolis: A memorial service for George Floyd will be held from 1-3 p.m. at North Central University, and it will be live-streamed on local media. We hope you will find ways to create the space to mourn and to build resolve for critical future work.

We write with resolve to work for justice,

Yinghua Academy School Board
Sue Berg, Executive Director, and Amanda Schneider, Chair
Nathan Bode; Cindy Bursell; Brooke Darrah-Hage; Paul Haller; Kaishan Kong; Joel Luedtke; Lisa Matre; Cindy Moeller; Erica Rasmussen; Suzanne Reider; Charles Robinson; and Jane Steiner

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