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Below are the materials that homeroom teachers are using in the classrooms so that students may write notes to their grandparents before Grandparents’ Day.



Paper sheets with ovals.  One sheet shows two ovals and the other sheet shows three. Use one oval for a self-portrait and the other ovals for pictures of one or two grandparents.

Grade 1 and Grade 2

Paper sheet with two half-page invitations.  The students may write and draw on these.  Another optional sheet shows activities that grandparents and grandchildren may enjoy doing together.  Students may color, cut and paste these onto the invitation if they wish.

Grade 3 and Grade 4

Paper sheet with lines for the student to write on. This is for a handwritten invitation.

Middle School

Fifth grade teachers are encouraging students to send cards of their own design.  In Grades 6-8, students are encouraged to reach out via written letter, email or phone.

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