Instructions on Uploading Photos

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If you have uploaded photos to Shutterfly previously, then you can go to our site Click upload and follow the instructions to add your photos.

IF you have never uploaded pictures to our Shutterfly account you need to be granted access:

1. Go to and login with your Shutterfly account. If you do not have a Shutterfly account you will need to sign up for a free account.

2. Go to our Shutterfly site,

3. If the site asks you for a password, that means your Shutterfly login has not been registered yet. We make you register so we can verify that only the appropriate people have access to our kids’ images.

4. Fill out the request for a password and ask to become a member of the site. Include your name and the grade/name of your child.

5. We will add your email address to the approved list and you will be notified via email.

6. Then follow the instructions above to upload photos.

Once you have member access to the site you can view, upload, or share images as often as you like.

Shutterfly Information

The Shutterfly website was created as a way to have pictures of school events posted so that all families could view them. The website is password protected and can only be viewed with the password. Any visitor with the password can view pictures. No names are listed. If you see a photo that you would like removed, contact for removal.

If you wish to order prints or add photos to the site, you must have both a Shutterfly account and request to be added as a member to the site including your student’s name and class or teacher information. After YACA receives the request, we’ll add you as a member, the site sends an email indicating that you are now a member, and then the next time you access the site as a member using your Shutterfly password, you will be able to add pictures. Email any questions about the Yinghua Shutterfly site to Julie Phillips, at

Site Name: Yinghua Academy

Site URL:

Email any questions about the Yinghua Shutterfly site to Julie Phillips, at

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