Field Day

Friday June 8, 2018, is a full day of school, but Field Day at Yinghua Academy is a fun-filled day of outdoor activities for the whole school. Outdoor activities will run from 9am – 2pm although classroom teachers may decide not to spend the full day outside. Lower School will be at NE Park outside of school, but new last year was that the Middle School was at Beltrami Park, a couple blocks from school. Each class is assigned an Olympic Country for the day. Teachers will determine how many full class Olympic rotations their students will do and when these will occur. Parents are encouraged to attend as spectators and as volunteers!

The teachers and staff will be supervising stations. In a few cases Ms. Totall may recruit a volunteers to help with a station. We are doing our best to offer teachers more rotations and less down time–they have requested this in previous years..

The school will have a tent set up for the nurse and a few other tents on the field. No tents will be assigned to individual classrooms.

By 2 p.m., all students will return to classrooms for final room clean ups, yearbook insert signing (and country-themed t-shirts!) and teacher farewells. We’d prefer that students not depart before the end of the school day, but, if necessary, a parent could sign a student out for an early dismissal that day by following the regular procedures.

Please contact with questions and to volunteer.