Immunization Information for Parents

In order to be compliant with immunization law in Minnesota (Statute 121A.15), no student may stay enrolled in school without submitting complete and proper immunization documentation. Yinghua uses this form for such documentation: Immunization Record and Exemption Form.

Any child not in compliance by the first day of school will be excluded from attending classes until missing immunizations are complete or an exemption form is signed and documentation is provided to the school. Please note, signatures are required. Page two of the Immunization Record and Exemption Form includes these sections: Certify Immunization Status and Exemptions to School Immunization Law. The latter includes subsections regarding medical and conscientious exemption. A nurse practitioner, physician or physician assistant must sign confirming medical exemption. A public notary must sign for the conscientious objection exemption.

If you are unsure if your child’s record is complete, check with your primary care clinic or contact the Health Office.

Decision Not to Vaccinate

Risks and Repsonsibilities of Not Vaccinating