Health Office Parameters for Calling Parents

The health office will contact a parent or guardian if it is decided that a student is unable to remain at school due to a possible infectious illness or an injury requiring medical attention. Individual assessment of student concerns will dictate the necessity of parental contact. Time does not permit calling parents for each Health Office visit, but priority will be given to any serious injury or illness.

Parents/guardians must pick up the child within an hour of contact by the Health Office. This is for the health and safety of the individual student and the rest of the student body. The Health Office is unable to accommodate sick students for long periods of time because this puts other students at risk.

If parents are not able to come immediately to pick up their child, emergency contacts will be notified. We ask all parents to anticipate possible delays they may experience and have a back-up plan in place in case they are not able to come within the hour. Update the Health Office with any changes to your emergency contacts. Your child will not be allowed to leave school without prior contact with an adult.