At Yinghua, we recognize the strong connections between music and academic achievement.

Currently, music instruction occurs at all grade levels in a general classroom format. This means that music class consists of a variety of “music basics.” Students will learn to sing, play percussion instruments and recorders, read and write music, move, and analyze and describe music. The music program at Yinghua prepares students for a lifetime of music appreciation.

Yinghua’s music curriculum has been designed specifically for our unique school. All instruction is aligned with Minnesota State Standards and inspired by our school wide Core Knowledge curriculum. You will also find the curriculum based on the two most recognized music teaching methods – Kodály and Orff.

Additionally, all music lessons are created with language learning in mind. Music class may be a student’s only academic experience in English that day, so it is important to make the most of it. Language objectives are a part of every music class and are designed in a Sheltered Instruction approach.

Yinghua’s music department is continuing to grow and change with the school as a whole. Keep an eye open for upcoming ensemble opportunities and see the Enrichment Page for information on after school lessons.

This year at Yinghua, your student may…

• Learn to classify instruments and invent a whole new instrument to create and classify!

• Study Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition” after visiting the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts!

• Discover the music of various world religions!

• Compose original pieces of music to sing and perform on instruments!

• Learn to play recorder and participate in Recorder Kung Fu!

• Sing and perform (on instruments) a variety of American folk and children’s songs!

• Play in an Orff instrument ensemble of high quality xylophones and glockenspiels!

• Be introduced to traditional Chinese instruments!

• Study Holst’s “The Planets” while learning about our solar system in science class!

• Learn to listen to and transcribe music into notation!

• Listen to various types of music and make judgmental and non-judgmental observations!

• Discover who the “King of Three-Quarter Time” is and why he has that name!