Cultural Education

Our cultural education curriculum prepares children to participate in a global community. The curriculum has been developed with the goal of helping our students to understand the people, customs, history and heritage of China and other world cultures. For example, our 1st grade students explore ancient Egypt and contemporary Mexico (check our curriculum maps for more details by grade level). Our cultural curriculum includes school and classroom activities as well as community participation and field trips. In our Middle School, a three-year Global Citizenship Project is embedded in all content areas.

At Yinghua, we celebrate many traditional Chinese festivals to weave the culture into the curriculum throughout the year. Some may only be discussed in class, others are surrounded by large programs. These festivals include:

Chinese New Year (Jan/Feb)

Lantern Festival (Feb)

Mid-Autumn Moon Festival (Sept)

Double-Ninth Day (Oct)

You can find information on these festivals in many places, but one website we like is here. This website also includes a good description of the lunar calendar.