Welcome to the Yinghua Academy Conservatory of Music. We offer private music lessons taught by professional musicians after school at Yinghua Academy. The only thing better than the convenience we offer is the excellence of our staff!

  • Registration for Session II music lessons concluded on December 9.
  • Registration carries over from one Session to the next during the school year. Do not re-register your child for Session II if you are continuing lessons from Session I. We assume your child is continuing lessons in subsequent Sessions of the year unless you write to to let us know that you are not continuing.
  • How To Register for Music Conservatory Lessons

Session II music lessons Online registration for after-school music lessons runs at the same time as registration for Enrichment Program classes, December 2-9.

Music lesson registration and scheduling does not carry over from one school year to the next school year. You must register anew each fall.

  • Your Session I music lesson registration and schedule will carry over to Sessions II and III. There’s no need to re-register in Session II or III if  your child will continue taking lessons.
  • Payment is per session.
  • You pay a $50 cancellation fee if you drop during a session.
  • Contact Jenny Alvermann before the beginning of a new session if your child does not plan to continue lessons.
Music Conservatory Details
  • Lessons last 30 minutes, once a week after school.
  • Each school year, the Conservatory offers three eight-week sessions during Yinghua’s three academic Terms.
  • Conservatory students perform at a year-end recital and celebration in May.
  • If you drop lessons before the end of a session, there is a $50 fee. When you register for lessons, your registration automatically carries through to the following sessions of the current school year. If you do not wish to continue lessons after a session concludes, contact before the next session begins.


Yinghua Academy Conservatory of Music offers lessons on a variety of Western and Chinese instruments. Families must provide the instrument and purchase the music books requested by the instructor.

  • Cost:
  • $35 per lesson, including Aftercare before and after the lesson. (Aftercare staff escorts students to lessons.)
  • Do not submit a payment until you receive an invoice after registration.


  • Registration for YACM is ONLINE ONLY. There are no paper forms.
  • DO NOT send a payment until you receive an invoice.
  • You will receive an email confirming your lesson time as well as an invoice after you register. Fees are due upon receipt of the invoice. See the invoice for payment options or contact

Session II Schedule

  • Lessons begin the week of January 6 and run for eight weeks straight.
  • Lessons end during the week of February 24.
  • Make-up week for Session II is March 2-6.

One Make-Up Lesson per Session:

  • If needed, your child is allotted one make-up lesson per session.
  • The make-up lesson may be scheduled if a lesson is missed due to illness, or if you notify us at least 24 hours prior to missing a lesson.
  • Snow or severe weather school-closed days: Any lessons missed due to unexpected school closures may be reimbursed. Music teachers will try to provide as many makeup days as possible for weather-related missed lessons. In the event that a teacher cannot reschedule a lesson, Yinghua will issue a refund for the missed lesson.

Contact Jenny Alvermann via email if you have Conservatory of Music questions about registration, scheduling, and payments: