Wei Ming Chiang

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新加坡吉丰华乐团拥有八十多位团员,在新加坡久享盛名。她曾经连续七届荣获全国音乐比赛冠军, 荣获国家颁发优秀奖状。乐团经常被邀请到海外演出,如泰国,香港,中国,台湾,澳洲,马来西亚等。

Erhu is a Chinese bowed string instrument, sometimes it is called Chinese violin. Erhu in a Chinese orchestra is equivalent to the violin in a symphony orchestra. Wei Ming Chiang had 16 years of orchestra experience and has been teaching erhu for 14 years. He was the interim concertmaster and erhu instructor at Singapore Keat Hong Chinese Orchestra (KHCO). He was also the guest player for Boon Lay Community Centre Chinese Orchestra and Ngee Ann Polytechnic Chinese Orchestra and the erhu instructor for Jurong Secondary School Chinese Orchestra.

Singapore Keat Hong Chinese Orchestra (KHCO) is a well-known orchestra in Singapore with over 80 members. She has been awarded with various honors, such as, First prize winner and Best Performance Award for 7 consecutive years in the National Music Competition and was awarded the National Youth Letter of Commendation and so on. KHCO has also been frequently invited to perform overseas, including Thailand, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Australia and Malaysia.