Yinghua Academy Read-A-Thon

Thanks to all the Yinghua parents, grandparents, friends, neighbors, and family members who supported our wonderful students in the 2015 Read-A-Thon. This was our most successful Read-A-Thon yet! Students read and recorded over 500,000 minutes during the event. We surpassed our donation goal and raised over $32,000 to support our school. Overall participation was up over 5% from last year. Individuals and classes were awarded trophies in the following categories:

Kindergarten through 1st Grade

-Ruan Loashi in K1 earned both most classroom minutes read and most classroom money raised

-Anika Yorkhall from 1B read the most minutes

-Isabella Schneider from K1 raised the most money

2nd through 4th Grade

-La Laoshi in 3D earned most classroom minutes read

-Zhao Laoshi in 3A raised the most classroom money

-Geneva Schneider from 3A read the most minutes and raised the most money

5th Grade through 8th Grade

-Xie Laoshi in 6A earned the most classroom minutes

-Yang Laoshi in 5A raised the most classroom money

-Marie Galligan from 7A read the most minutes

-Kai Gauley from 5A raised the most money

Winners took home trophies and will also be commemorated on Read-A-Thon plaques that will be displayed year round at Yinghua.

The three classrooms with the best participation rate are K4- Zhang Laoshi with 93%,  4A- Dong Laoshi with 91%, and 4C- Lin Laoshi with 91%.

Usborne generously donated three $100 gift certificates to the Read-A-Thon. All participants who met their reading and fundraising goals were entered in a drawing for the gift certificates. Mrs. Berg drew the winners’ names. They are Ian Lockwood-K3, Elijah Easton-3D, Julianne Mason-6B.

Thanks again for supporting our readers!

Sara Pierce

YACA Development Chair