In The News: Measles Outbreak in Hennepin County

Local news has reported an April 2017 measles outbreak in Hennepin County. As of April 24, all have occurred among unvaccinated children in the Somali community. However, measles is very contagious, so there is a risk of contracting the illness for those who are unvaccinated or who do not have full immunity.
If your child is diagnosed with measles, please notify the school immediately. Students diagnosed with measles must stay home until four days after the rash appears. Any unvaccinated staff or students will also need to be excluded from the school (stay at home) for approximately 14-21 days. If there is a confirmed measles case at the school, we will notify the Minnesota Department of Health per legal requirement. They will guide us as to the overall plan for our school. Please click this link for more information: Minnesota Department of Health.