Allergy Management

Yinghua Academy is “Allergen Aware,” meaning we recognize the risk for life-threatening allergic reaction in some of our students if they are exposed to allergens such as peanuts, tree nuts, seafood or bee stings. Staff members are trained annually on identifying signs of a possible allergic reaction and are made aware of which students have diagnosed allergies. Read below and contact the Health Office for more detailed information regarding Yinghua’s management of students with severe allergies.


  • Sharing food at school is not allowed.
  • Nut and peanut products may not be brought to school at any time. Remember this when sending lunches, snacks or birthday treats. Look for sunflower butters, which serve as an alternative to peanut butter. Note, Nutella, which contains nuts, may not be brought to school.
  • Birthday treats at school must be store-bought and list all ingredients. Consider sharing birthday treats such as stickers or party favors.

If your child has severe and/or life-threatening allergies, read below and contact the Health Office.

Each child with severe allergies must have a confidential Emergency Care Plan developed in collaboration with the school nurse and distributed to the homeroom teacher (and necessary staff members) along with a signed Medication Authorization Form for any emergency medications kept at school. We also ask parents and guardians to continue to educate their children at home about risks and how to avoid allergen exposure.

Your Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan may address the following points:

  • Monitored cafeteria seating: If parents prefer, students with life-threatening allergies may sit at the ends of lunch tables (with the class) for closer monitoring by teachers.
  • School lunch: Taher, Inc., our lunch provider, does not include peanuts or nuts in Yinghua school lunches, but they do prepare nut-containing meals for other clients in their facility. Take this into account when deciding whether your child will participate in the school lunch program or will bring lunch from home.
  • Self-carry: You may choose to have your child self-carry an Epi-pen or keep an Epi-pen in the Health Office. If your child will self-carry, you must indicate this on the required Medication Authorization Form.
  • After school activities including sports: If your child will participate in after school activities such as sports, the plan will include a procedure for notifying appropriate staff and coaches.
  • After school snacks/sports concessions/”Golden Ticket” treats: At Yinghua, all snacks and treats should be nut/peanut free, but packaging for some candy or snacks may indicate that the item has been processed at a facility that also processes nuts. If your child cannot eat these snacks, alert the Health Office and provide alternative snacks as needed.
  • Busing: If your child will ride the school bus, an allergy plan will be shared with our bus company.

Contact the Health Office for more detailed information regarding Yinghua’s management of students with severe allergies.