All co-curricular before and after school programs, including our popular Enrichment Program, are on hold due to the Covid-19 global pandemic.

Online Chess Classes: Contact coach Tim Lee of the Twin Cities Chess Club regarding online chess classes Fridays from 4-5 p.m. Meetings begin in Zoom and the Lichess.org platform provides a virtual chessboard for learning and play.

Play-In-A-Day: Animals Escape the Zo, the Chinese Music Ensemble, and other after school programs have been postponed due to the school closing per Executive Order 20-02.

About Enrichment

Yinghua offers three sessions per year of age-appropriate after-school Enrichment Classes to enhance skills in academics, fitness, creativity, and more. We publish a catalog and designate one week for online registration for each eight-week session. Most classes are 45 minutes in length with exceptions noted in the catalog.

There is a fee for each class. Bundled with the class fee is “Aftercare” before and after the class which means that your child will receive a snack, and our talented staff will supervise your child’s transitions between class and down-time in Aftercare when students may do crafts or games in the cafeteria or go outside to play.

Registration Commitment: Because Yinghua counts on your registration fees to cover the costs of programs, the school has a no-refund policy. Registering for a course means that you commit to paying for the entire course. In other words, you forfeit the session-long class fee if you back out of the class after our registration period closes.

To pick up your child, show your dismissal card at Door 2, and staff will call for your child to meet you there. Enrichment and Aftercare close at 6 p.m. with a dollar-per-minute charge for late pickups.

On the days when your child is taking an Enrichment Class, set Silent Dismissal to AFTERCARE CLASSES/MUSIC LESSONS.

Information and questions: sherry.edwards@yinghuaacademy.org.