Below is a list of  the emails (links forthcoming) that have been sent to Yinghua Academy families and students via the Infinite Campus database messenger system or, in late September and August 2015, via Google email contact lists created in August 2015. If you haven’t received one or more of these emails, please contact school receptionist Emily Walker ( to ensure your email address is up-to-date in our systems.

10/7/2015 Payment by ACH, from Business Manager Jennifer Olsen.

10/1/2015 NO SCHOOL October 2 & Conference Sign Ups, from Abigail Pribbenow.  10.1.15Link

9/28/2015 Oct Dismissal Plan, from Abigail Pribbenow.

9/26/2015 Yinghua News and Announcements, from Abigail Pribbenow.

9/22/2015 October Lunch Orders Due 9/25, from Helen Hindrawati.

9/22/2015 October Dismissal Plan, from Abigail Pribbenow.

9/16/2015 Clarification Regarding Spreads, from Abigail Pribbenow on behalf of Nurse Ginger Hao. This message was sent via a Google email list. If you received this message but not others, please mention this to Emily Walker.

9/16/2015 School Nurse message — NO NUTS AT SCHOOL, from Abigail Pribbenow on behalf of Nurse Ginger Hao, via Google email. 

9/15/2015 Curriculum Night, 7 p.m. this evening, from Abigail Pribbenow, via Google email.

9/12/2015 Yinghua News and Announcements, September 12, 2015, from Abigail Pribbenow, via Google email.

8/19/2015 Class Roster, from Abigail Pribbenow, via Google email.