Health Education


Grade 5: Puberty

  •  Always Changing® Puberty Education Program
  • Girls Book recommendation: American Girl Library, The Care and Keeping of You – The Body Book for Girls
  • Boys Book recommendation: The Boy’s Body Book: Third Edition: Everything you need to know for growing up you by Kelli Dunham & Steve Bjorkman.

Grade 6: Personal Wellness

6th Grade Health Unit: February 28-March 28 during Discovery Period

  • Wellness Components: Physical, Social, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual
  • Physical & Health Literacy
  • 6th Grade Brain: Use it or lose it
  • Taking care of self: sleep, stress reduction, exercise, nutrition, personal hygiene, positive community impact, goal setting and decision making skills

Grade 7: Drug Awareness

Grade 8: Teen Relationships and Mental Health

Wellness Grades 1-4

Social & Emotional Learning