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Yinghua Academy Expansion Project


Yinghua Academy expanded on its current site in summer 2013. PHASE 1: construct a three story, 38,500 sq.ft. classroom and gymnasium addition to the existing 46,500 sq.ft. facility to accommodate the full K-8 program  PHASE 2: renovate the existing classroom wing, including extensive mechanical and HVAC improvements, connections to the new space, and remodeled areas of the first floor.   Comments or questions can be sent to Facilities Committee Chair, Scott Jax, at scott.jax@yinghuaacademy.org.

Overview of the plans:

The overarching goal of the expansion design was to accommodate a full capacity enrollment of 700-800 students while connecting the school’s classrooms and common areas to the light and open space of the park land around us. Minneapolis Parks and Recreation agreed to vacate the southwest area of the existing building in January 2013. This area was demolished along with the current gymnasium to allow Yinghua to construct a three story addition with full size gymnasium within our existing property lines. The project required variances for FAR (Floor Area Ratio) and Impervious Surface.  It also required Conditional Use Permits for Three stories /42 ft. height and Expanding a “K-12″ facility. All variances and CUPs were approved through the City of Minneapolis Planning Commission in December 2012. The former Pierce Street circle drive/cul-de-sac to the west of our current gym, which was vacated by the city decades ago, was converted to building and green space. Additional parking capacity  was added on Yinghua property to the north of the original school lot.