U.S. Dakota War reading list

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Uprising 1: A Novel, by Dean Urdahl

A fictional account full of historical detail of the Civil War and the Dakota Conflict.  First of a 3 book series.  This story’s main character has connections to the Civil War and the Dakota Conflict. 


Northern Slave, Black Dakota, by Walt Bachman

This book is non-fiction, for advanced grade 6 readers.  It is the story of one man, Joseph Godfrey, who was born in Minnesota as a slave.  He grew up playing (when he had free time) with Dakota children, so he was bilingual.  During the U.S. Dakota War, he was in a difficult position.  No one trusted him, because they did not know where his loyalty lay.  The author is a descendant of white settlers, one of whom was killed during the U.S. Dakota War. 


Little Crow: Leader of the Dakota, by Gwyneth Swain

A compelling biography for young readers that traces the life of the Dakota leader Taoyateduta (Little Crow) and his role in the U.S. – Dakota Conflict of 1862.

Link to many other titles:  http://www.usdakotawar.org/books

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