Spring Conference Sign-Up

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Hello Parents, Parent-teacher conference is coming up! Please be sure to sign up by 4/2. In middle school (5-8), your child has different subject teachers, and some teachers may have the same last name, please ask your child who his/her teachers are if he/she has not shared with you the info. For your child’s math classes, please use the chart below. We look forward to our meeting!


Teacher’s   Name


(8)Yang Laoshi Specialist: Shihyu Kuo (MS Math/Assessment) (5C)Wang Laoshi (5B)Deng Laoshi


(5B)Deng Laoshi (5C)Wang Laoshi (8)Yang Laoshi


(5B)Deng Laoshi (5C)Wang Laoshi (8)Yang Laoshi


(8)Yang Laoshi (5B)Deng Laoshi
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