Purpose of Signature

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Dear Grade 5 and 6 Parents,

As daily signature on your student’s assignment and quizzes is required, many of you may wonder what your actual jobs are when signing. At Yinghua Academy, the Middle School student is learning to be an independent learner and to be responsible for his or her own learning during Middle School years. We understand that your student, the young Middle School student, may need additional guidance from you. Therefore, we ask your student to connect with you by showing you his or her daily classroom work and quizzes (if any) so that you are aware of what your student is learning.

In conclusion, your job is simple! When your student ask you for your signature on daily assignment, find out from your student what the current learning topic is and if there’s any questions. Checking the student’s work and accuracy is not required, but you may certainly do so. When signing your student’s quizzes, always remind your student to use the quizzes as a self-assessment tool. Remind your student if he or she should use class notes to locate correct answers, or meet with the teacher for additional support when return to school.

Our goal, ultimately, is to help each student become a creative and independent problem solver!

Warmest Regards,

Jing Wang

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