Homework week of March 30, 2015

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Grade 6

Wednesday, 4/1  On p. 108 SS notebook, write 2 things I learned today in SS class and 2 new words I learned in Chinese in today’s SS class.

Thursday,4/2 On p. 108, write at least 3 sentences to answer:  Why do the U.S. and China need separation of power? 

Friday, 4/3 —  No School.

Grade 7

Wednesday, 4/1 Read assigned Chapter 21 section about one battle.  Fill in pp. 32-33 with Guiding questions battle (Chapter 21, sections 3 – 6–each student assigned one section.)

Thursday, 4/2  — Reread nps.gov article (see email in SPAM folder, from today) and add to notes.    AND HA 3 4 organizer

Friday, 4/3 — No School

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