Homework week of January 12, 2015

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Grade 6

Wednesday–p. 61 SS notebook:  Write the causes of the war–based on the “Tensions Rise” worksheet.  Write at least 7 causes.  AND Alternative ending essay, based on your outline.

Thursday— Check your essay for spelling, punctuation, grammar and capital letters.  Ask an adult to check it for you too.  Then rewrite it, using comments from your adult proofreader and your in-class peer.

Friday–Read textbook pp. 131-33 and fill in Aftermath homework.   Unit test next Friday.

Grade 8

Wednesday–Quiz on rainforest people.  AND outline your reasons of who should live in the rainforest?  Amazon rainforest persuasive essay

Thursday–Draft #1 of your persuasive essay.

Friday–Rewrite and proofread your persuasive essay.  Read 12.9 and TCI 12 9 organizer.  Test on Latin America next week.

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