Homework week of April 26

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Grade 6

Wednesday, 4/29 On SS notebook pp. 110 – 111, write one sentence for each word, using it in context of the lumber industry.   AND  from what you remember from class today, fill in the lumber side of Flour lumber iron process organizer

Thursday, 4/30   Study all lumber notes and homework; quiz tomorrow.

Friday, 5/1 Project Lumber Letter home .    Make an outline; then write the letter.  Due Wednesday 5/6.

Grade 7

Wednesday, 4/29 Write on p. 45 in SS notebookWhat is the artist trying to show in this cartoon?  Cartoon A Johnson Tailor

Thursday, 4/30   Read 22.1 and 22.2 and Organizer Presidential Reconstruction

Friday, 5/1 Read 22.3 and Congressional Reconstruction organizer.  Also, find and print one political cartoon that you understand.  Use the paper newspaper or http://www.politicalcartoons.com/

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