G6 Unit 8 text in English, for your reference.

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The Commonwealth of Great Unity

       While the perfect order called the Great Dao prevails, the world is like a commonwealth shared by all. Virtuous and worthy people are elected to public office while capable people hold posts and contributing employment in the society. The maxim of living is to believe in peace and coherence, sincerity and trust among all people. Everyone loves and respects his or her own parents and children, as well as the parents and children of others. There are caring and protection for the aged until their last days; there is appropriate employment for the able-bodied; and there are nourishment and education for the children and youth. There is kindness and compassion for the widows and widowers, for the orphans, for the childless and for all who find themselves alone in the world, as well as for the disabled and sick. Everyman as well as woman has an appropriate role to play in the family and society.  Although nobody likes to see natural resources and wealth wasted on the land, no one keeps it for oneself. Nobody likes wealth which is not the creation of one’s own labor. Moreover, nobody does things just to benefit oneself. A devotion to public service leaves no room for idleness; intrigues and connivance for ill gain are unknown. Villains such as thieves, robbers, rogues and rebels no more exist. The door of every house needs not to be locked and bolted during day and night. The above-mentioned are the characteristics of an ideal world called the commonwealth of Great Unity.

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