ELA Classroom Week in Review: April 6-10

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Here is a review of what we covered this week.

2nd Grade

Story of the week: Anansi Goes Fishing

Spelling/Phonics: Compound Words

Vocabulary: been, finally, whatever, believe, today caught, tomorrow

Literary Skills: Compare and Contrast & Summarize

Conventions: Verbs for past, present and future


3rd Grade

Story of the week: Good-Bye 382 Shin Dang Dong

Spelling/ Phonics: Vowel patterns au, augh, ou, ough

Vocabulary:  airport, cellar, curious, delicious, described, farewell, homesick, memories, raindrops

Literary Skills: Sequence

Conventions: adverbs

MCA Reading Exams

Next week is the MCA Reading Exams. Therefore, class 3B and 3D will not have a spelling test on Friday April 17th. The students will take the spelling test on Tuesday, April 21st.

Parent Conference Questionnaire

This week, I gave each student the questionnaire for you to fill out before the parent/teacher conference. Please fill out the form and return it to me by April 13, 2015. The copy of the questionnaire is below this message in case you were not able to receive it. Thanks!

Spring Parent Conference Questionnaire

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