3rd Grade Academic Performance: Biography Guidelines

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Hello Parents,

This week, your child has been working very hard on their biographies. Here are some of the guidelines for what I am looking for when they are writing their early life, middle life, later life, accomplishments, character traits, timeline, interesting facts, and inspiration of their famous person.

Early Life (Due May 5th)

  1. Birthplace and birthdate.
  2. Where they grew up (if it is different from their place of birth)
  3. Family (parents, brother and sisters)
  4. Write about the type of childhood they had (poor, rich, etc.).
  5. Any other important information.

Middle Life (Due May 8th)

  1. Include where they went to middle school and high school.
  2. Include the activities that they were involved in during those years (sports, plays, concerts, etc.).
  3. Include when they began doing something that they are known for.

Later Life (Due May 11th)

  1. Describe the work that the person you chose did.
  2. Write down what the person that you chose is currently doing. If the person is no longer living describe some the things that they did before they died.
  3. Write down the lasting effects that this person has made on the lives of others.

Accomplishments (Due May 12th)

  1. If your person invented something, or started a company, or become rich, write those down.
  2. Write down a list of awards, recognitions or milestones that happen in this person’s life.

Character Traits (Due May 12th)

  1. Write down some words that you would use to describe your person. Were they motivated, generous, funny, courageous, or mean.
  2. Write the words on the left side of the chart and then write down why you chose those character traits on the right side of the chart.

Timeline (Due May 12th)

  1. Begin the timeline with the person’s birthdate and birthplace.
  2. Use all seven rows on the timeline. Include the important events that happened in that persons life.
  3. If the person is no longer living, end the timeline with the date of their death.

Interesting Facts (Due May 12th)

  1. What makes this person different from other people?
  2. Write down four interesting facts about your person. (left handed, straight A student, etc.)

Inspiration (Due May 12th)

Write an  essay about your person by answering these questions:

  1. Why did you choose this person?
  2. What impressed you the most about this person?
  3. What ways would you like to be like him or her? Why?
  4. If you were able to meet this person, what would you like to ask them?

The due dates are given, but I would encourage your child to try to finish all of these parts over the weekend. If you have any questions or concerns about the biography. Please email me at anytime.



Mr. Alabi

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