Homework week of September 8, 2014

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Grade 6

Wednesday, 9/10– SMART goal guide  (Apologies to all students; the sheet you received in class had a few words stuck together!)

Thursday, 9/11 — Ask 3 adults this question:  “What is the Constitution?”  Write their answers on p. 8 of your SS notebook.

Friday, 9/12– On 48 states map, label 13 states list.  Any map (on paper, on line) will help you accomplish this.  If you want to try it on line, check this game:


Grade 8

Wednesday, 9/10– No homework

Thursday, 9/11 —Glue all bars to map.  Title your map.  Labelunits on map (like bars, yet clearer.  Answer question on map.  

Friday, 9/12–Food for Thought reflection 2014

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