Homework week of September 22, 2014

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Grade 6

Wednesday 9/24

Be able to label first 13 American states on a map.  Study for quiz–2 times–Thursday and next Wednesday 10/1/14.

Thursday 9/25

Write at least 3 questions you are wondering about the U.S. Constitution on p. 13 in SS notebook.

Friday 9/26

crossword puzzle.  (It is a good idea to look up words in the dictionary if you don’t know them.)   Study for re-quiz on 13 original states.

Grade 8

Wednesday 9/24

Go to this link:  http://www.econedlink.org/lessons/index.php?lid=350&type=student

Fill in chart p. 9 SS notebook.

Thursday 9/25

1. Complete preview exercise (due Wednesday 10/2)

2. Read 28.1 in geography on-line textbook. (www.learntci.com)

3. Write 3 sentences to relate what you read to something you already know (about yourself, about a book/article you have read, about the world.)

4.  Study for quiz on comparative advantage.

Friday 9/26

1. Complete preview exercise.  Write complete sentence answer to final question (on p. 13 SS notebook.)

2. Write definitions in your own words, p. 11 SS notebook.

3.  Map project (due Wednesday, October 8, 2014)

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