Grade 5 ELA May 21-28

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Dear Grade 5 Families,

First of all, I am so proud of all the students and their performances.  They all did such a nice job.

We started reviewing for final exams today.  I have attached the study guide we will use in the class.  Each student has a copy of the study guide and it will remain at the school until finals begin.  We will not complete all of the exercises in the study guide so that students have some exercises to use for studying for their finals.  Their nightly homework from now until May 28 will be to read 30 minutes.  If you want them to do extra work at home feel free to use the attached study guide and have them do a few of the pages nightly.


Danielle Jesperson

Grade 4 and 5 ELA teacher

Grade 5 ELA Study Guide end of year

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