Grade 5 ELA – January 17

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January 17, 2014


Dear Grade 5 Families,

This week students submitted their first draft of their historical fiction.  I have been able to preview a few introductory paragraphs, and I am very excited to start reading them and giving feedback.

Additionally, students learned about the Renaissance period and Leonardo da Vinci by reading a biography story Leonardo’s Horse.  Although da Vinci did much in his lifetime, students were surprised that he actually thought he had achieved very little.  Through this story we also focused on identifying the main idea of a story and finding supporting details that back up the main idea.  Students also worked on developing a solid paragraph that analyzes the author’s purpose of writing this story.

In grammar, we continued our study of verbs.  Students learned about different verb tenses and forms.  They have been practicing identifying the different verbs: present, past, future, present participle, and past participle.  We will carry on our study of verbs next week focusing on irregular verbs.

At the end of the week, students took their spelling test and worked on reading fluency and comprehension in groups and partners.

I wish you a fun filled weekend and please take advantage of the three day weekend and find a great book to delve into.



Mrs. Jesperson

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