Grade 5 ELA – January 10

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January 9, 2014


Dear Grade 5 Families,

Welcome back!!!  On Wednesday, it was great to see so many smiling faces, a little sleepy, but smiling nevertheless.

With their winter break research on a historical period/event, we began our unit on writing a historical fiction.  We began with identifying what are the essential components to a historical fiction.  Then we focused on our character and the traits that they wanted their character to have.  Students became aware that in order to develop a character you have to not just describe them but actually show character traits through the character’s actions and their interactions with others.  We then focused on what the conflict would be and how the conflict would be resolved.  Finally, students learned about the importance of hooking a reader.  They learned a few different ways to hook a reader by listening to a variety of introductory paragraphs that use one of the following ways to entice a reader:  description, a question, dialogue or a startling statement.  They started their introductory paragraph and as homework over the weekend they will be writing a first draft of their historical fiction.

I wish a much warmer weekend and hopefully you will be able to enjoy the weather.  I have attached the spelling lists.

Spelling list Grade 5 Group 1 January 13-17

Spelling list Grade 5 Group 2 January 13-17



Mrs. Jesperson

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