Grade 4 January 10 – ELA

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Spelling list Grade 4 Group 2 January 13-17

Spelling list Grade 4 Group 1 January 13-17

January 9, 2014

Dear Grade 4 Families,

            Welcome back!!!  It was great to see so many smiling faces, a little sleepy, but smiling nevertheless.

            This week students were introduced to new vocabulary for the story, So You Want to Be a President?  Additionally, while reading the expository text students had to determine when the some of the information presented was an opinion and when it was a fact.  We continued working on the skill of finding the main idea of a story and/or paragraph and identifying the supporting details. 

            Next week we will be starting a unit on persuasive writing.  I cannot wait to see how the persuasive the fourth graders are.    

            I wish you all a much warmer weekend and hopefully you will be able to enjoy the weather.  I have attached the spelling list for this week. 



Mrs. Jesperson

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