Grade 4 ELA – January 24

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January 24, 2014


Dear Grade 4 Families,

This week we read a biography about Luke Howard.  Students found out that Luke was a very curious boy who loved to watch clouds when he was young.  Later in life, he was responsible for classifying and naming the clouds.  These names we still use today such cirrus, cumulus, and stratus.  Through this story, students differentiated statements that were factual versus statements that contained the author’s opinion.  Additionally, students learned new vocabulary that was highlighted within the story.  Because of the shortened week we were unable to complete the grammar concepts that were planned; however, next week we will be picking up these concepts.

Due to Chinese Years Performance on Friday, there will be no spelling for next week.  We will continue spelling the following weeks.  Attached is the reading log for students.  Please make sure your student is reading nightly as it benefits their overall education.

Enjoy the warm weather today as it is once again supposed to be bitterly cold by Monday.



Mrs. Jesperson

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