Grade 4 ELA – January 17

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January 17, 2014

Dear Grade 4 Families,

This week we focused on the idea of persuasion.  Students were introduced to this concept by first identifying their opinion about winter and summer.  They then broke into groups based upon their preference and were charged with task of persuading me to agree with them.  Overall, it was fun to see how creative they were and how some groups really focused on convincing the target audience: me.

From this then students were introduced to different strategies used to persuade people.  Students were given the assignment of finding a piece of media that is trying to persuade them to do something or think something.  They analyzed their example to identify which strategy was used and its effect.

Finally, students put what they learned in writing.  They were given a writing prompt about field trips and they had to come up with reasons why field trips are beneficial and should not be cancelled.  Their first draft of the essay is due on Monday.

Have a great three day weekend!



Mrs. Jesperson

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