Grade 4 ELA – February 7, 2014

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Young American Poetry Digest Contest Information

February 7, 2014


Dear Grade 4 Families,

First congratulations to all of the fourth grade students for their performances in the Chinese New Year Celebration!

Students this week continued to put their creative juices to the test and wrote haiku poems.  They learned how important word choice is to create mood for their poems especially when they are only working with a total of seventeen syllables.  They also were challenged to create an illustration for their haikus.  Going along with our haiku unit, Yinghua has been invited to participate in a National Schools Project in which they will have the opportunity to submit their poetry to be reviewed and possibly selected to be published in Young American Poetry Digest.  I have included information about the contest.  If you do not want your child to participate in this contest then please contact me by February 14th as I am planning to submit their haikus by February 18th.

Additionally, students who submitted first drafts of their persuasive essays to me have received them back with edits and their final drafts are due on Monday, February 10th.  It would be great if students would start to type their essays; however, I know that this is not always possible.

Finally, I have sat with each student and set a reading goal with them based upon their NWEA reading scores.  Students have identified ways in which they will be working on in order to improve their reading.  To gauge the growth of students’ reading, they have taken their winter reading NWEA testing.  This information helps me as a teacher to address weak areas of reading.

Attached to this letter is their reading log, new spelling words and the information about the poetry contest.  I hope you have a restful and healthy weekend.



Danielle Jesperson

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