Classroom News October 31

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Hello Parents!

This week, the second graders learned about vowel digraphs oa and ow. We also covered three letter consonant blends, which are the first three letters of a word that form one sound (str, spr, squ, scr, and thr) and we covered adjectives for sizes (big, small, tall, short etc.) For Halloween, the second grade class watched a BrainPop video on the history of Halloween. Some students wanted to watch it again, so here is the link to the  BrainPop video.

BrainPop Halloween Video

This week, the third graders covered compound words, main idea and details, conclusions, irregular plural nouns and advertisement. We read the story called Prudy’s Problem, which is about a young girl who had a collection so many different things in her house that it became a problem. Students got to share some of the things that they collect.

We ended the week with having a halloween parade and a ceremony for Read-A-Thon. Congratulations to rooms 2c and 3D for earning awards at the Read-A-Thon ceremony.

Have great weekend and happy halloween!

Mr. Alabi

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