Classroom News October 24

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Hello parents! First, I would like to thank the parents who purchased the books for the classroom at the book fair. I know that the students will enjoy the books and become better readers because of your contribution.

This week, the second graders learned about vowel digraph -ea, added endings, and adjectives with shapes and colors. The second grader worked on word sort activities such as the multicolor words, the word stairs, and guided reading.

The third graders read the story called I Wanna Iguana, which is about a kid who persuaded his mom to let him keep an iguana. After we read the story, the students talked about a time when they convinced their parents to buy an item that they wanted.  We also covered final syllable -le (middle, handle, obstacle), singular and plural nouns, plot, fairy tales, and maps.

Have a great weekend!

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